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Music Lessons for Teenagers

Learning music is fun in the exciting atmosphere of our studio. We have cool teachers who contribute to this upbeat atmosphere with their positive attitudes and love of teaching.

Lessons cover the foundations of music. We teach many styles of music, from classical to modern forms such as pop, rock, jazz, blues and broadway; and we can teach music by function, as in learning to play background rhythms or foreground leads and soloing. Many of our students learn more than one style of music. We encourage them to learn and then choose the styles and artists and songs they like: it’s fun to play music you like; it’s very inspiring. Our teachers will also gladly show you new styles of music and songs to open up to you new artistic pathways and expand your horizons. Students have enjoyed this very much.

To help inspire students on their musical journeys we provide extras. Students, for example, may attend our fun cafe gigs every month and watch performers or see our cool bands play. Also, our students have the option to participate by performing at some of our venues and festivals.

We can also prepare students for Royal Conservatory or Bloor West Music exams.

As students progress and learn they may participate in our awesome band program and join one of our bands. Our band program is one of the great successes of our studio.

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