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Band Program

Bloor West Music Studios has one of Toronto’s premier band and ensemble programs. We have many bands ranging in age from kids to teens to adults. These groups meet weekly for an hour to play and rehearse.

Students set musical goals and have the fun of sharing music in a social setting. Our student bands put on special performances during the year at various venues. During the warmer months, our experienced bands and soloists occasionally play outside on various corners in Bloor West Village, influencing our neighbourhood with the sounds and sights of our musicians.

Band members play a variety of music such as pop, rock, hard rock and blues. The program can, at times, draw from other musical sources such as jazz. Since 1990 we’ve also taught Classical and guitar ensembles and singer and performer groups which utilized various music from Glee and Broadway musicals. Some of our student groups have progressed into more complicated forms of Progressive Rock, the blending of classical music with the modern elements of sounds and rhythms in rock music.

We are pleased that this program has greatly enhanced the musical life of our students by providing a means for refining musical technique in the context of working harmoniously together. The social dynamic of working in a group, fusing as a team, along with learning music in a new way, has been greatly motivational and inspirational to the musical life of our studio and students.

Listen and watch here as Doug Hibovski explains the BWMS’ band program, and the enduring benefits it provides to kids, teens and adult students.

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Summer Camp

We hold full day summer band camps the third week of July. Students will learn how to play as a team, perform at a café and receive a recording of their best song.